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Songs, chants, arts, and information that empowers us to connect intimately with ourselves and others through cultivating our awareness, sensuality, and life force. 

This Life (Eros version) - Cobina
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Eros.  Is a gift.  It's innocent.  As breath

Welcome to a NEW music festival that

speaks to Sacred Sexuality!

APRIL 22 at Venables Hall
11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
1739 Venables 
(corner of Venables & Commercial Drive) 

This Sacred Sexual Music Festival highlights the importance of:


  • healthy, shame-free pleasure

  • education around sexuality

  • conscious divine awareness of our bodies

  • info on tantra and other modalities

  • healing issues around sexuality

  • respect and honour for our sacred bodies

The uplifting and healing theme of the Sacred Sexual Music Festival takes a step toward addressing and minimizing sexual guilt, shame, repression, and abuse. 


This will be a safe space that honours boundaries and is open to singles and couples as we bring

EVERYONE together to create a sex-positive future.

Our world is changing so fast - in some wonderful ways! - and it's time to bring a new level of awareness to the area of sacred sexuality, tantra, and sexual shamanism.


Join a musically themed day and evening to celebrate, inform, and send a passionate wave of conscious sensuality into the larger community of Vancouver.

The Sacred Sexual Music Festival offers LIVE sensuous and celebratory music, informational talks, workshops, Wheel of Consent education, belly dancing, yoga, massage, qi gong, body painting, face painting, 

a chill space and much more!



Featuring ...


* Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel

* Chant Your Heart Open

* Kamile Kapel

* Eric Bowers

* Andrew Kim of Delhi 2 Dublin

* Lover's Caress and the Mystiques

* Alchemana

* Shantikar



Expect a day of learning and discovery with workshops like ... 


Releasing Sexual Shame

* Healing Sexual Trauma Using Pleasure

* Sexual Liberation: Awaken Your Primal Magic

* How High Is Your Pleasure Tolerance



As well, there will be roving educators teaching about the Wheel of Consent; folks on hug patrol; and vendors with FABULOUS products!



By stepping into a higher vibration -- with a healing and joy-filled musical backdrop -- the Festival not

only informs that sexuality is to be respected, honoured, and our birthright, it also normalizes this concept and invites conversation that inspires us to create positive change in our communities.




A new frequency of existence is HERE!

Join us at this progressive event.

It's time.


For more info: wendy_demos (at)

Access to your truth, your healing, and your power is through your body.
Let our musicians be the catalyst as you shift to align with the truth of
who you are and your most powerful force.
No singing experience required, just a willingness to open the voice, and 
more importantly, open the mind and heart.
Deeply .. Playfully ... 
Your donation helps us achieve our goals.
Every little bit helps.


Breathe in your essence.




             Your erotic spirit.

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