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Holy Longing (Eros Version) - Wendy Cobina DeMos
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Wise.   Wild Woman.   I Am.
Do you long for the sweetness of life's sensuousness?
Do you yearn to access your wise,
wild woman self?
My mission is to contribute to women's holistic wellness and sexuality, empowering radiant
health and pleasure.  
as more women fall in love with their erotic selves, magic happens!
When women feel fabulous,
magic happens!

Do you yearn to: 

  • Thrive in your relationship with your body, based on trust and respect?
  • Harness your life force energy and claim your personal power with confidence?
  • Open yourself to receive the unconditional love you deserve?
  • Express yourself fully without fear, guilt or shame?
  • Embody radiance, vitality and creative energy to manifest your desires with ease?
  • Feel connected with your sexuality, sensuality and your femininity/masculinity?
  • Attract healthy, intimate, connected and pleasurable friends and partners? 



get back in touch with your body and your

erotic spirit so that you can live

an empowered life that is

aligned with your soul desires. 

Let's playfully and deeply explore.
The goal?

Through workshops and consultations
take sexuality out of the realm of shame, guilt and
the misdirection of life force energy, and help us
remember its juicy innocence.

the more we heal and bring awareness, the more we offer the world
our beautiful essence.
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